Vappro-VPS Gun Oil Lubricants

The superior Alternative

Imagine gun oil that is so light, it does not cause stickiness and discomfort during usage. That does not need to be wiped off, that cleans as well as lubricates. Best of all, this gun oil protects all metal parts of the gun and prevents corrosion from setting in. That is what Vappro Gun Oil does for your weapons, increasing reliability and performance on top of protecting your soldiers from misfires by preventing rapid build-up of residual carbon in the gun shafts. It is a marvellous scientifically formulated alternative to the heavy grease still currently used by many armies.

Vappro Gun Oil is a proprietary formulation by ISO certified Magna International, a leading defense contractor and manufacturer of anti-corrosion products in Asia. Vappro products are distributed worldwide in more than 32 countries with a special focus on corrosion inhibition in military equipment and vehicles. Vappro is a recognised, proven and trusted global brand.

VAPPRO Gun Oil Lubricant Products

VAPPRO's PRINCIPAL SUPPLIER:  magna                           VAPPRO - Your Partner In Corrosion Control And Environmental Protection.

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