Through our years of experience with several armed forces around the world, we have accumulated not just experiences but also cutting-edge technologies to preserve all types of military vehicles. 

We have developed a cost-effective programme that is adaptable to multiple vehicles and equipment. This programme is capable of preserving equipment from corrosion and degredation over cycles of two to five years in all types of climatic conditions. 

The technological advantages of using the Vappro Preservation Management Programme as compared to the existing classic systems include the following points: 

  • Protection of least accessible spots and profiled metal surfaces
  • Easy application
  • No special surface, or initial preparation is required
  • Does not affect human health
  • Environmental friendly
  • The aspect of combat readiness
  • The economic benefit aspect
  • Provides quick mobilisation
  • Does not disturb the working functions of equipment and systems
  • Multi-metal protection
  • Minimum labour requirement
  • Short reactivation time Solutions


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VAPPRO for the Military

  • Lupromax-EA Military Engine Oil Additive

    Lupromax-EA Military Engine Oil Additive

     Operational readiness is key for military equipment.  Being able to mobilise weaponry, hardware and military vehicles in a matter of minutes allows for swift action and can bring a significant advantage.

    Lupromax-EA seals the pores of metal surfaces, smoothing out roughness thereby extending the life-cycle and reducing the downtime of military equipment.  Treatment with Lupromax-EA optimises the working condition of your military equipment and ensures that operational readiness remains a constant.


  • VAPPRO-ABC (Automatic Barrel Cleaning System)

    VAPPRO-ABC (Automatic Barrel Cleaning System)

    VAPPRO-ABC (Automatic Barrel Cleaning) system offers revolutionary turnkey solutions for cleaning and maintaining artillery equipment, naval guns and battle tanks.

    The VAPPRO-ABC system was developed by Magna International Pte Ltd to meet the challenges of operational readiness within the military fleet. With rapid development of newer weapon systems and ammunitions in today’s technological battlefields, greater demands have been placed on militay units to meet the challenges of increasing problems related to barrel cleaning and maintenance. At present, not only does artillery barrel maintenance varies in cleaning methods and maintenance cost, military units have to overcome logistical problems such as the lack of manpower and the lack of sufficient maintenance time due to large manpower required for traditional cleaning methods. In addition to these, the lack of training for the cleaning crew, insufficient supervision are problems all units have to manage.But today, with the patented...

  • Vappro-VPS Gun Oil Lubricants

    Vappro-VPS Gun Oil Lubricants

    The superior Alternative

    Imagine gun oil that is so light, it does not cause stickiness and discomfort during usage. That does not need to be wiped off, that cleans as well as lubricates. Best of all, this gun oil protects all metal parts of the gun and prevents corrosion from setting in. That is what Vappro Gun Oil does for your weapons, increasing reliability and performance on top of protecting your soldiers from misfires by preventing rapid build-up of residual carbon in the gun shafts. It is a marvellous scientifically formulated alternative to the heavy grease still currently used by many armies.

    Vappro Gun Oil is a proprietary formulation by ISO certified Magna International, a leading defense contractor and manufacturer of anti-corrosion products in Asia. Vappro products are distributed worldwide in more than 32 countries with a special focus on corrosion inhibition in military equipment and vehicles. Vappro is a recognised, proven ...

  • VAPPRO-VPS (Vappro Preservation System)

    Worldwide Patent Pending VAPPRO-VPS
    Phasing out Conventional Methods of Military Vehicle Preservation

    Touted as the world’s best preservation program for military vehicles, Magna’s specialized Vappro Preservation System (VPS) effectively renders conventional preservation methodology obsolete by the utilization of cutting-edge technology to reduce required manpower and increase productivity.

    For Armed Forces around the world, heavy dependence on physical manpower has now given way to an increased demand for advanced technology to achieve optimal operational readiness in the face of new challenges and increased potential threats.

    The Armed Forces employs its manpower to manually maintain the system of every vehicle every three or six months, on top of getting the engine started and running. They realized that repeating this manual procedure is tedious, time-consuming and taxing on manpower.

    In the case of Armed Forces in many countries, a high level of is required to maintain land ve...

  • Vappro Preservation Management Life Cycle

    Vappro Preservation Management Life Cycle

    We believe in a total solution. Therefore, when you choose Vappro, you are investing in a programme where your personnel will receive comprehensive training in preservation techniques and procedures. Moreover, each piece of equipment will have a detailed preservation manual specifically written.

    The Vappro Preservation Management Life Cycle consists of four methodical and detailed stages. Beginning with zero point maintenance which is a compulsory service task before storage, the vehicle then undergoes the preparation stage of general cleaning, lubrication and treatment of existing corrosion. The following stage involves applying the Vappro Preservation Procedure to the engine, transmission/ gear boxes, cooling system, fuel system, etc. Once preservation is complete, the entire vehicle will be securely sealed. At the mobilisation 2 year point, the Vappro Gard cover and security labels will be removed. Deprocessing will then proceed.

    The Vappro Programme is a cost effective solution t...

Products suited to the Military Industry

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