VAPPRO Corrosion Control Products

Vappro VCI protects all recessed areas and cavities and works on all metal surfaces in an enclosed atmosphere. In an enclosure, VCI emits molecules to a point of saturation within 12-24 hours. In the presence of moisture, these VCI molecules hydrolyze to form VCI ions.

The Vappro VCI ions are attracted to metal surfaces to form a thin mono-molecular protective layer over the metal surface. These ions passivate the metal and cause it to be inert to corrosion. The vapour covers all surfaces including crevices, cavities and all inaccessible areas sealing them to provide total protection.

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Copper Silver
Cast Iron Copper-Nickel Alloys
Aluminium Alloys Stainless Steel
Zinc Carbon Steel
Magnesium Alloys Galvanized Steel
Brass Aluminized Steel


Vappro Corrosion Control supplies a wide range of custom made VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) films, wraps and bags. Vappro 826 is a significant breakthrough in protective anti-rust packaging technology offering new concept in product protection without the need for rust preventative coatings. Vappro 826 protects aluminum alloys and copper while providing excellent protection for ferrous metals, steel, and stainless steel.Vappro 826 does not change critical electrical or mechanical properties of electronic or electrical components. Wrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals by placing in a bag or by wrapping the parts or equipment with sheeting, the VCI active ingredient hydrolises and then condenses on all metal surfaces, offering complete protection, including recessed areas. Vappro 826 will protect metal parts and equipment for up to 2 years from rust or corrosion.

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